Darrin Loftus

President, Chief Executive Officer

Darrin Loftus has more than 20 years of business management experience in start-up, product design and development, sales, marketing and operations. Mr. Loftus has invented, developed, launched and managed products in industry and has an extensive track record of success spanning multiple fields ranging from healthcare to construction to information technology.

He received a degree in business administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) in 1997. He established a very successful fitness center in Iowa called Total Quality Fitness (TQF) in 1998-1999. He started this operation from the ground level, bringing startup capital of over $1M to fruition with the fastest growing fitness center in Iowa by 2002. Along the way, he managed several individuals and aided one of those individuals in a successful transition to ownership of TQF.

He then started and successfully operated another company, Centurion Stone of Nebraska, that focused on sales and distribution of high quality fabricated stone for housing in the state of Nebraska. This business grew rapidly, ultimately providing the substrate for his own stone manufacturing operation, Table Rock Stone Company, which is now distributing products regionally throughout the Midwest and capturing all of the major stone markets. As part of Table Rock development, Mr. Loftus worked with international engineers to design and to execute on the development of an innovative saw for the purpose of generating a unique, high quality product that has brought tremendous success.

As a result of this success, Mr. Loftus once again brought millions of dollars of start-up capital to fruition. He currently manages over 20 employees, many of which have devoted their lives to service with Table Rock. Along the way, Mr. Loftus again mentored individuals to their own success, including Brandon Gordon, the Founder and Owner of Run Networks, an information technology firm in Omaha, NE. Mr. Loftus worked alongside Mr. Gordon for several years, providing expertise and capital until it was time for Mr. Gordon to transition to sole ownership, which he has done successfully. This is yet another testimony to the strength that Mr. Loftus brings to an operation.

Mr. Loftus is once again reaching out, with his current goal to bring RDB Bioinformatics to fruition. He embraces RDB Bioinformatics’s vision. He understands the great impact that RDB Bioinformatics and OR Pathtrac is positioned to have, and he desperately wants it to succeed in order that many lives can be saved.


  • 4 kids
  • Married to Lea
  • Enjoys the outdoors

Personal Skills